Yealands launches new app

Yealands launches new app

rsz_nzln-yealands-looking_down_the_vines_from_seaview-0045709The first New Zealand wine app that allows the user to take a self-guided vineyard tour – and take in Yealands’ famous White Road hot-spots – has just been launched.

One of the only vineyards to actually let visitors drive through its vineyard, the Yealands Wine Group has released a mobile application that allows visitors to its Seaview Vineyard in the Awatere Valley, Marlborough with the unique opportunity of taking their own self-guided vineyard tour.

Yealands Estate White Road Tour app allows local and international visitors to take themselves on the 40 minute, 7.5KM vineyard tour and stop at any of the 10 points of interest to experience first-hand the industry innovations and carbon-zerocert initiatives that epitomise the brand’s philosophy to “Think Boldly, Tread Lightly and never say it can’t be done”.

Founder of the Yealands Wine Group, Peter Yealands explains, “Our intention with this app is to enhance our visitors’ overall experience by engaging with them as they go on their own personal tour. It allows users to go at their own pace and focus on their particular interests, be it our breath taking views of the Cook Strait or many of the sustainable farm practices that we implement. We want visitors to leave having truly lived and breathed our philosophy and seen first-hand what Yealands is all about.”

Yealands Estate White Road Tour app is free to download and can be found by searching; “Yealands Estate” in either platform. The app offers multi-platform support for the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, as well as Android phones and tablets. Available worldwide, in seven languages (English, Chinese, Japanese, French, Spanish, Dutch and German).

For more information on the Yealands Estate White Road Tour app, visit


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