Winter Warmers

Winter Warmers

Cooler weather is here and comforting soups and sauces are driving sales.

In view of the rising cost of living, some consumers are switching to private labels, or upgrading to larger pack sizes for value. Others look for economical meal ideas that will help feed the family.

“King soup has been loved by Kiwis for over 60 years and is still proudly made and grown in New Zealand,” says Susan Harvey, Marketing and Business Development Manager at Wilson Consumer Products. “Each pack contains all the necessary ingredients to make a delicious homemade soup, including grains, vegetables, and flavouring – just add water. Or if you prefer, you can also add additional vegetables and / or meat. King soup provides a fantastic opportunity to use up any vegetables that are nearing their expiration date.

“Being economical, comforting, and versatile it is easy to see why Kiwi’s love King traditional soup mix.

“One of the great things about King soup is its versatility. Not only can it be enjoyed as a standalone soup, but it can also be used as a base for meals and casseroles, adding both flavour and nutrition to your favourite recipes. If you’re looking for inspiration, you can visit their website at, where

you’ll find a selection of delicious recipes ranging from casseroles to nachos.”

Harvey explains: “King soup is very economical and makes over 2 litres – leftovers are convenient for meals the following day or for the freezer.

“King soup is different from other soups. Making King soup takes around 1½ hours and that time is seen as entertainment during cold wet weather when it’s hard to get outside. During this time wonderful cooking aromas fill the house with warmth, bringing back nostalgic memories. King soup has been enjoyed by generations of Kiwis and is the soup that mum/nana made,” says Harvey. For more information and orders contact

Elevate supermarket shelves with Cassia at Home: The ultimate convenience for busy individuals and families

In the fast-paced world of FMCG, where convenience meets quality, Cassia at Home emerges as the perfect solution to cater to discerning consumers.

Developed by acclaimed Auckland chef Sid Sahrawat of Cassia restaurant fame, these Indian curry sauces continue to redefine the concept of heat-and-eat sauces, offering the perfect blend of restaurant-quality taste and cost-effective meal solutions.

With four enticing sauces to choose from – Korma, Makhani, Madras, and Karahi – Cassia at Home caters to diverse tastes while meeting the demand for gluten-free products. The range is also free

of artificial additives and colours. Each sauce is a testament to Cassia’s commitment to excellence, offering supermarket buyers a premium product that delivers on taste, quality, and convenience.

Time poor Kiwis craving the rich flavours of Indian cuisine, can enjoy a hassle-free cooking experience with Cassia at Home. From pantry to plate in minutes, customers can simply choose their preferred protein or vegetables, add Cassia’s authentic curry sauce, and a delicious, restaurant-quality meal is served, without the restaurant price tag.

Newly launched in 2023, the Cassia at Home Spice Blend Cubes, is the latest must-have for supermarket shelves. These 150-gram cubes pack a punch; from the rich warmth of Garam Masala to the bold flavours of Tandoori Masala and the zesty kick of Chaat Masala, these cubes are the latest innovation offering convenience for home cooks looking to elevate their dishes.

Looking to stock up on Cassia at Home with the flavours of India? South Island buyers we have a warehouse in Christchurch enabling overnight delivery. Contact Raj Chandan at 022 106 1529 or email Explore the full range including recipes at

Sauces for Courses

Al Brown’s ‘Sauces for Courses’ will take your food to the next level. These are riffs on classic condiments from Chef Al Brown.

“Our new ‘Turf ‘n’ Surf’ All Purpose sauce goes on everything from burgers, to seafood, to chicken or grilled vegetables, it really is all purpose,” says Brand Manager Mike Lawrence.

Double Brown is a classic BBQ sauce with plenty of smoky flavour, a little heat and not too sweet. Mello Yella is the condiment you didn’t

know you needed! Creamy mayo with a dash of Old Yella Habanero mustard stirred in. Perfect for sandwiches, potato salads or hot chips.

Alongside our Old Yella Habanero Mustard and Simply Red Kasundi Ketchup the full sauces for courses range will turn your food into culinary masterpieces.

Available to order in New Zealand and Australia now.

What’s trending at Foodstuffs

“With the increased cost of living, more and more New Zealanders are spending less of their household budgets on eating out and takeaways,” says Foodstuffs North Island Assistant Category Manager Karuna Bhana. “Instead, they’re turning to shelf-stable products to create their own ‘fakeaways’ at home. This trend, known as premiumisation, involves choosing higher-quality ingredients, even if they come at a slightly higher price, to replicate the dining-out experience at a fraction of the cost.

“For instance, customers might opt for a pricier pasta sauce and pasta instead of lower cost alternatives, knowing that it’s still more economical than dining at an Italian restaurant.”

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