Hot Drinks

Hot Drinks

New trends, award-winning products and iconic brands.

The rising cost of living has many brewing their own perfect cup at home. Consumers are still craving premium hot drinks, but without the café price tag, says Kimberly Fraser, Foodstuffs South Island Category Manager – Beverage.

She explains: “Sales of tea and other hot tonics are soaring across all our stores, in particular hot chocolate and chai, while coffee sales have been slower. Coffee drinkers seem to be more adventurous however, experimenting with different flavours and types within their preferred brands.

“The rise of capsule and sachet coffees suggests people are enjoying the convenience of single-serve options while also having the freedom to switch brands and discover new favourites and flavours.

“Health-conscious coffee aficionados are driving the demand for low-sugar options in sachet formats, while for those seeking a gentler caffeine experience, decaf coffee remains a popular choice across all coffee types.”

“As the weather begins to cool down, demand for hot beverages rises. Lemon ginger and green tea, with its well-known health benefits are proving particularly popular,” says Seema Singh, Foodstuffs North Island Category Manager – Biscuits, Crackers & Hot Beverages.

“We launched a plant-based Milo last year, and we expect it to take off during the colder months, indicating a shift toward more inclusive dietary choices that cater to a diverse range of needs.

“The rise of biodegradable materials used by beverage companies is another positive trend. This demonstrates an industry-wide commitment to more eco-friendly practices.”

Fancy an outstanding, delicious drink?

“Look out for The Tea Thief’s Dark & Handsome Tea, and Hot Chocolate from She Universe, which scored gold medals at this year’s Outstanding Food Producer Awards,” says FMCG Business Head of Content Tamara Rubanowski.

Bronze medals were also awarded to Foundry Chocolate for their Kilombero Valley, Tanzania, Drinking Chocolate; Malaita and Guadalcanal Micro-lots, Solomon Islands, Drinking Chocolate; and Pinalum, Malekula Island, Vanuatu, Drinking Chocolate.

What makes specialty tea so special?

English Breakfast and Earl Grey are the next most popular flavours after every-day black tea and are outgrowing the category in volume and value, explains Nicole Campbell Country Manager, Dilmah NZ. What makes these specialty teas so special and why are Kiwis flocking to Dilmah English Breakfast and Earl Grey?

Campbell says: “Earl Grey tea has the characteristic citrus aroma and flavour of bergamot oil from citrus fruit. Dilmah stands by its dedication to quality by combining bergamot flavour with Ceylon Tea from the Ratnapura region to create a truly refined experience. With Dilmah being the No.1 brand for Earl Grey*, it looks like customers agree it’s a superior brew.

“Dilmah can also claim the fastest growing brand of English Breakfast, making up 90% of the actual dollar growth in Grocery over the past six months. Dilmah English Breakfast is unblended and grown in the Dimbula Valley in Sri Lanka. Tea from this region is intense and majestic, offering body, strength and colour, representing the essence of a fine Ceylon tea. Driven by market trends, Dilmah has introduced a new variant with English Breakfast Extra Strength, available nationwide.

“Dilmah is differentiated from most other tea brands, bringing unblended, hand-picked Ceylon tea to New Zealand and using at least 15% of pre-tax profits to change the lives of the less fortunate via the MJF Foundation and other charitable causes in New Zealand, such as Hospice and City Missions. (Visit for more information).

“It’s no wonder Kiwis have once again voted Dilmah as the ‘Most Trusted Tea Brand’ as part of the annual Readers Digest survey for 2024.” #DoTryIt!

“It’s no wonder Kiwis have once again voted Dilmah as the ‘Most Trusted Tea Brand’ as part of the annual Readers Digest survey for 2024.” #DoTryIt!

*Source: Circana – NZ Grocery, Value Sales 6 months to 21/4/2024

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