Sweet Treats

Sweet Treats

What’s new and trending in chocolates and confectionery.

Lindt, the Swiss chocolatier, is excited to announce the launch of its latest creation: the LINDOR Cheesecake Truffle, in celebration of its 75th anniversary.

The LINDOR Cheesecake Truffle combines a white chocolate shell with the finest biscuit pieces, enveloping a lusciously smooth cheesecake filling with a hint of refreshing lemon.

Expertly crafted by the Lindt’s Master Chocolatiers, this delectable treat is an ode to a globally celebrated dessert and a testament to Lindt’s rich heritage and unwavering dedication to quality chocolate.

The introduction of the LINDOR Cheesecake adds a special touch to the brand’s legacy this year, encouraging all to enjoy a moment of bliss while savouring the exquisite flavours of a beloved classic, alongside premium Lindt chocolate.

Thomas Schnetzler, Lindt Master Chocolatier says: “The launch of the LINDOR Cheesecake Truffle is a truly exciting moment for us at Lindt. We are delighted to introduce this new creation of a timeless flavour to chocolate lovers looking for pure indulgence. Envision a delicate white chocolate shell with biscuit pieces encasing a smooth melting white chocolate filling that perfectly combines with the sweetness of cheesecake flavour and subtle hints of tanginess.”

Nick Brock, Marketing Director at Lindt & Sprüngli Australia/NZ, says: “We are proud to unveil the LINDOR Cheesecake Truffles as part of our 75th anniversary celebration. This exceptional creation showcases our passion for the chocolate craftsmanship and the timeless appeal of cheesecake, a universally beloved dessert.”

The LINDOR Cheesecake Truffle 123g gift bags instore launch date is April 15th. For further information please visit www.lindt.com.au

Queen Anne Chocolates –the proof is in the tasting.

Consumers have loved Queen Anne handcrafted chocolates for 99 years, as the perfect gift and an everyday indulgence. From the quality of the original marshmallow recipe to the focus on locally sourced ingredients, Queen Anne has grown their consumer base, resulting in sales growth year on year.

Managing Director Sarah Adams explains: “The top selling Dark Chocolate Raspberry Marshmallow Fish Bites 170g (Ranked 20), and the Milk Chocolate Strawberry

Marshmallow Fish Bites 170g (Ranked 23), have gained traction and continue to grow at 20.2% & 29.5% respectively. IRI data, $%Chg. TKA-MAT to 07.01.24 (Premium gifting excl. seasonal). Chocolate Fish Bites are a perfect treat to gift or share.”

The Christchurch based manufacturer has initiated a strong programme of new product development, targeting both the Everyday and Seasonal sectors of the Chocolate Confectionery Market.

From consumer taste profiling, the Chocolate Fish Bites Range has extended to include Milk Chocolate Pineapple Marshmallow Fish Bites and Dark Chocolate Coffee Marshmallow Fish Bites.

“With our 100th anniversary coming up next year we are celebrating both old and new in the development of our new products,” says Sarah.

“Launching for Christmas 2024 is our new gifting option, Milk & Dark Chocolate Caramel Selection 200g, which is a fusion of our original 1920s recipes and new ‘on trend’ flavours,” Adams says. “Kiwis love caramels!”

The Queen Anne brand continues to be a ‘Kiwi icon’.

Contact your local Alliance Marketing Representative for further information on the Queen Anne chocolate range.

Guylian packaging evolves

Guylian believe that indulgence is not reserved for special occasions, and that every day has the potential to lead you somewhere unexpected. This is the inspiration behind Guylian – the belief that it is possible to capture a memory in chocolate and, through distinctive and irresistible taste experiences, transport others to a dream of their own.

“For Guylian, that dream has the unforgettable flavour of hazelnut praline passed down from a recipe perfected over 50 years. It looks like the unique, delicately marbled exterior of our iconic shells, which were the first of their kind. And it feels like rich, premium Belgian chocolate-selected by our founders to immortalize a seaside vacation into a dream you can taste,” explains David Cunningham, Business Manager Confectionery and Snacking.

“With every bite of Guylian let yourself be swept away and savour the taste of all the dreams to come.

“Our commitment is to be a frontrunner with sustainable chocolate and packaging, we use 100% fairtrade chocolate and ingredients from a natural origin. Our new 2024 packaging design has reduced the plastic in the packaging by 21%.


NOMO is the UK’s number one plant based and free from Chocolate brand created by Kinnerton Confectionery,” says David Cunningham, Business Manager – Confectionery and Snacking.

“Nomo’s mission is to create products that all chocolate lovers can enjoy! Whether you’re vegan, have a food allergy or you just want to make small changes to help the environment, NOMO is the no. 1 choice when it comes to chocolatey deliciousness. As well as being vegan, NOMO is free from dairy, gluten, egg and nuts.

“We have a range of products suitable for every taste bud –from creamy choc to gooey caramel. And best of all, it tastes just as good, if not better, than milk chocolate.”

Contact Wilson Consumer Products, ph 0800 651 044

Ma Baker supports a good cause

Ma Baker is delighted to be an official Pink Ribbon Breakfast sponsor for the third year!

“As a proud sponsor, Ma Baker is dedicated to spreading love and awareness for this important cause. With 1 in 9 women diagnosed in their lifetime and 650 women dying from breast cancer every year, this is a cause close to our hearts,” explains Brand Manager Aimee Tibbotts.

“Ma Baker understands the impact breast cancer has on individuals and families, which is why we are committed to making a difference and sharing the love through our Heart Mallows. By partnering with Pink Ribbon Breakfast, we aim to raise funds for vital research, support services and education programs to improve the lives of those affected by breast cancer.

“We would like to encourage as many people as possible to host a Pink Ribbon Breakfast to spread awareness around breast cancer and raise funds for this amazing cause. The Ma Baker Hearts are a perfect addition to special occasions like this, making everyday moments special too!

“Treat yourself to the Ma Baker Hearts by signing up for a host kit with the Pink Ribbon Breakfast, or shop them at supermarkets nationwide during May,” says Aimee. https://fundraise.bcf.org.nz/event/pinkribbonbreakfast

To order the Ma Baker range contact sales@houseff.co.nz

Haribo news

“Haribo is the world’s number one brand for jellies, gummies, chews, and pastilles and continues to spread happiness across the globe and New Zealand,” says Brand Manager Aimee Tibbotts. “With an extensive offering of innovative products, there is truly something for everyone to enjoy!

“In New Zealand, Haribo has seen double-digit growth for the two years, which is an accolade for its point-of-difference products and strong brand presence. Haribo has released three unique NPD products over the last year that have gained massive momentum and contributed to the brand’s significant growth.

• Vulcano’s – A volcano shaped jelly in lemon, blood orange and kiwi flavours, filled with apple flavoured liquid ‘lava’ and coated with a foam sugar base.

• Pasta Frutta is a delicious vegetarian option that offers variety but doesn’t compromise on flavour! Our famous pasta includes fruity flavours of strawberry, apple, lemon, and orange and is topped with a sour coating.

• Haribo Berries have been taken by storm since their launch. Every bag contains a red and black berries right off a berry bush. These chewy gummies are a combination of soft and crunchy for double the fun.”

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