US brewery launches a 99-pack

US brewery launches a 99-pack

99 - ImageIt turns out that everything is bigger in Texas, including the packs of beer.  Austin Beerworks became (probably) the first brewery in the world to sell a 99-pack of their beer.  Forget about four-packs, six-packs, dozens or even a slab (for our Australian neighbours).  This Texas brewery sold a limited number of cases which contained 99 beer cans.  The entire pack measured 7 feet long, weighed 82 pounds and cost US$99.

To translate that into Kiwi metric, that case of beer was 2.13 metres long, weighed 37.2 kilograms and would have cost a surprisingly reasonable NZ$119.  They sold out the initial 20 packs within one day but demand was so high the brewery plans to produce further runs of this 99-pack behemoth.

The beer itself is called “Peacemaker Anytime Ale”.  The concept of a 99-pack was their quirky contribution to a campaign to “keep Austin weird.”  Their beer promotion was probably initially a joke (“who really needs 99 beers and, more importantly, how will they all fit in the fridge?”) but it went viral overnight and looks set to continue.

No New Zealand breweries are planning a 99-pack… yet…

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