New Dole Bobby Banana packaging saves plastic from landfill

New Dole Bobby Banana packaging saves plastic from landfill

Dole has announced that its popular Bobby Bananas are now packaged in a new tape that will reduce around 16 tonnes of plastic from going to landfill in New Zealand each year. Even better, Kiwis can drop off their Bobby Banana tape along with other soft plastic waste at Love NZ Soft Plastics Recycling Scheme drop off points, where they are collected and made into useful items including fence posts, vegetable garden frames, and parking bumpers. Along with reducing the impact of plastic waste, recycling Bobby Banana tapes and soft plastics into useful items will benefit Kiwi organisations such as Oke Charity, which provides South Auckland primary schools with sustainable fruit and vegetable gardens. Dole is the foundation partner of Oke Charity and provides the organisation with financial and volunteer support to help achieve its goal of building these unique outdoor classrooms.

Bobby Banana’s updated packaging is one step toward achieving ‘The Dole Promise’; a global company initiative that aims to increase access to sustainable nutrition, and decrease fruit loss, packaging waste and carbon emissions for the benefit of its stakeholders, employees, customers, and the planet. One of the Promises is to achieve zero fossil-based plastic packaging by 2025.

The shift to the plastic tape comes after extensive trialling of several different materials; with Dole committed to further change, and the company currently underway with research for further improved sustainable packaging options.

Bobby Bananas grow at the lower end of the stem and are specifically selected for their size and sweetness. Containing all the natural goodness of regular bananas in a smaller size, they are a popular choice for children’s lunch boxes. Bobby Bananas are available at New World, PAK’NSAVE, Fresh Choice, Super Value, and independent grocers.

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