Venison has been steadily growing in popularity with New Zealand consumers and chefs alike. More and more Kiwi foodies are experimenting with cooking grass-fed venison at home and trying different combos to enjoy it with.

Silver Fern Farms says sales of its Silver Fern Farms Venison retail products have doubled in the last five years as consumers have taken to the naturally nutritious, lean grass-fed red meat.

Venison is increasingly valued in international markets as well. New Zealand venison export prices are at record highs, due to the rarity of the product, and led by high demand in North America and continued demand in traditional European venison markets.

Restaurant owner and Head Chef of award-winning Palate in Hamilton, Mat McLean says venison is hugely popular on their menu all year round.

“Farmed venison is fantastic to cook with. Silver Fern Farms consistently produce great quality venison, which takes a lot of stress out of my job,” he says. “When I am preparing a venison dish, it’s about balance. I enjoy adding sauces and/or garnishes to bring out the delicate flavours of this delicious meat.”

Venison is a great option for red meat eaters. It is extra lean and healthy and an excellent source of natural protein. It is also a brilliant source of iron and essential vitamins.

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