New World’s amazing pineapple cutter

28 March, 2018 by
FMCG Business

New World South City Christchurch unveiled a first for New Zealand – the in-store pineapple cutter, and it seems the state-of-the-art trial of this innovation not only proved popular with loyal customers, but it’s also been ridiculously successful on social media with over 12.2 million views on Facebook and 204,000 shares since launch late February!

As a result, New World South City have tripled the sales of pineapple, mainly because customers now find it easy to deal with, there’s no waste and it’s fun.


The container used for the pineapple is recyclable and any waste (pineapple skins) all goes to local pig farmers so there is no landfill. The BioPak BioBowls are made from paper sourced from managed plantations and coated with Ingeo™ – a bioplastic made from plants not oil. These containers for the trial state-of-the-art pineapple cutter are provided by Ashbec Trading Ltd here in Christchurch, who partnered with the market leader in sustainable packaging, BioPak, to now serve New World’s pineapples in packaging that doesn’t cost the earth. BioPak’s BioBowls are compostable in a commercial facility and certified carbon neutral.

YOU WONT BELIEVE YOUR EYES!!Exclusive!!A first for New Zealand and it’s right here at South City New World especially for you, our loyal customers 😊 🍍1) The pottles are recyclable and you can bring them back in and re-use them! We are looking at additional options in this space as well.2) Nothing goes to landfill! All skins go to our wonderful pig farmers 🐷.3) This is a trial so we really value your feedback!Awesome 😎Additional update: we are getting a lot of feedback regarding packaging. Thanks😊. Currently we cut, slice, tray, wrap and label a lot of pineapples each week to meet demand especially for older customers who cannot cut their own pineapples. This machine uses less packaging. If the trial is a success, we will investigate a biodegradable container similar to those we use for our ready to go salads. Keep the conversation going. We love that you are so passionate 😊

Posted by New World South City Christchurch on Thursday, 22 February 2018