Garage Project and Nadia’s Farm release collab beer 

Garage Project and Nadia’s Farm release collab beer 

Garage Project and Royalburn Station (aka Nadia’s Farm) have announced the release of their collaboration brew, Swifty, in packaged format.

Swifty – initially released in keg-only format in December – is a 4.2% malt-driven beer designed for a mainstream audience.

It is now for sale now in Liquorland stores nationwide and will be in select New World stores in the coming months.

Nadia Lim and her husband Carlos Bagrie bought Wanaka’s Royalburn Station in 2019 after selling their stake in My Food Bag.

The station is a 485-hectare alpine station is a large-scale farm-to-plate operation.

Last year the pair decided to use the excess barley they had harvested to create their own beer and teamed up with Garage Project to do so.

The story is being told on the current season of Nadia’s Farm, streaming on Three Now.

Garage Project co-founder Jos Ruffell, told Pursuit of Hoppiness‘ Michael Donaldson, that Nadia’s Farm will likely have an impact on sales of the beer.

“We think there’s a great opportunity for it. The story of it is being woven into the second season of Nadia’s Farm so you’ll see a lot of it there.”

Ruffell told Donaldson that Garage Project is pricing Swifty under $20, putting it in the mainstream craft space dominated by Mac’s, Monteith’s and Boundary Road.

“We’re doing everything we can to set this up for success and the price point is a big part of that. We’re launching it at $18.99 for a six-pack but it will be on a rotating, on-and-off, special of $16.99.

“The real success will be if we can kick it up to a 12-pack to be a fridge filler box,” he said.

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