Cider soars while sparkling wine takes a holiday tumble

Cider soars while sparkling wine takes a holiday tumble

January Sales - ImageFigures released by DB Breweries revealed Kiwis were reaching for more cider over the Christmas festive period. Supermarket sales in the two weeks prior to Christmas showed an increase in cider volume sales of more than 10 percent, while sparkling wine – once considered the quintessential festive drink – decreased by 8.5 percent.

DB reported the strongest January sales on record, despite sparkling wine sales taking a dive over the festive season. Overall, cider is now the fastest growing alcohol category in New Zealand. AC Nielsen figures showed a 25.2 percent increase in the volume of cider sold in January 2015 compared to the same month last year, equating to around $1.2 million in additional sales.

DB Managing Director Andy Routley says New Zealand is seeing a meteoric rise in the popularity of cider. It has also been noted that the sunniest January on record coincided with record growth for cider.

Source: Porter Novelli Press Release

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