Why Amazon is ditching Just Walk Out checkouts

Why Amazon is ditching Just Walk Out checkouts

Amazon is removing its “Just Walk Out” technology, which is designed to allow customers to shop and leave the store without going to a register. The artificial intelligence technology, which sends customers their receipts after they’ve taken items off the shelves and exit the store, will be replaced by smart carts, allowing customers to scan their items as they shop and see what they’re paying and saving on a screen.

The change only affects Amazon Fresh locations, the Seattle-based company’s grocery stores, and not Amazon Go, which are smaller convenience stores. It also does not impact the more than 130 third-party retailers that Amazon partners with for use of its “Just Walk Out” technology at such locations as airports, college stores and cafes.

There are over 40 Amazon Fresh stores in the U.S. – 27 of which have Just Walk Out technology and will soon transition to Amazon Dash Cart, according to the company. The rest already use Amazon Dash Cart, the retailer said.

The Just Walk Out technology will continue to be offered in Amazon Go stores, the smaller format Amazon Fresh stores in the U.K., as well as more and more third-party retailers. There are more than 130 third-party Just Walk Out technology locations in the U.S., U.K., Australia, and Canada – with new locations launching monthly.

How do Amazon Dash Carts work?

Shoppers using the smart Amazon Dash Cart can scan the QR code on their Amazon app to begin browsing the store. The Dash Cart uses a combination of computer vision and sensor fusion to help identify what is placed in the cart, the retailer said. Shoppers grab an item, scan it on one of the Dash Cart cameras, and place it in the cart like they normally would, Amazon said. When the shopper is done, there’s no need to go through the checkout line. Customers go through the Dash Cart lane and walk out.

Customers still have an option to check out with a cashier, or to use self-checkout lanes.

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