Tutū Cider from ancestral lands in Nelson

Tutū Cider from ancestral lands in Nelson

rsz_nzln-konoThe top of the South’s leading indigenous food and beverage producers, Kono NZ, are proud to release their very first cider, Tutū Cider. This delicious single varietal cider is crafted using the company’s very own Fuji apples that are sun ripened on their ancestral lands in Nelson. From the planting of the trees, to the final bottled cider, the Kono team have carefully crafted each step of the process, to provide a cider that offers a fresh crisp fruit bouquet.

“We’ve grown the apples, pressed them, and brewed and bottled Tutū Cider all here in Nelson. It’s a craft cider made in a traditional way using an old secret family recipe,” explains Jarrod Robinson of Kono NZ.

“Having already garnered an excellent national and international reputation for our Tohu and Aronui wines, we knew that we had the skill and knowledge to present a unique offering to a growing segment of the beverage market,” says Mike Brown, GM Sales & Marketing, Kono NZ.

The name Tutū was chosen as it is a Maori colloquial term for being cheeky and mischievous, and this fits in with Tutū cider being the younger, sprightlier sibling of the Kono beverage family.

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