Turkey: Red fleshed apple patented

23 January, 2019 by
FMCG Business

Ardahan, a city located in northeast Turkey is the only place in that country to grow red fleshed apples and a patent application for this fruit has recently been approved.

Over the last few years, the production area of red fleshed apples has been shrinking. Ardahan’s Posof district applied for a patent for the product and the procedure is now finalized. Mayor Mehmet Emin Bilmez said: “Currently we have around 200 trees but we would like to increase this number and grow more red fleshed apples. We hope to protect these apple trees and the patent will be helpful in that. There will be more demand thanks to this patent.”


Apples with red flesh and other novel fruit varieties may be making their way to a supermarket near you in the future thanks to new plant breeding techniques that mimic DNA mutations that occur in nature, said scientists from Plant & Food Research (PFR) in New Zealand.

The techniques help to easily manipulate the look, feel, taste and nutritional content of fruit and vegetables to rapidly create higher quality products.