Taste of Portland launching at Beervana

Taste of Portland launching at Beervana

Wellington’s status as craft beer capital of New Zealand has been enhanced with the announcement of a special “Taste of Portland” area at Beervana, New Zealand’s premier celebration of craft beer, being held at Wellington’s Westpac Stadium on August 22-23.

The Widmer Brothers are coming to Beervana.

Portland is hailed as America’s craft brewing capital and three award-winning Portland brewers, a Portland chef, and one of the USA’s leading beer writers, are heading to Wellington as part of what’s called the Beervana Exchange, which encourages the sharing of ideas and experiences between two craft beer capitals. The Portland brewers who will be showcasing at Beervana are all medal winners from the prestigious 2014 Beer World Cup: Widmer Brothers Brewing, Gigantic Brewing Company and Commons Brewery.

As well as offering tastings of some of their award winning brews at a Portland Brewers Bar, open to all Beervana attendees, the brewers will also be part of special ticketed “Taste of Portland” seminars. During these one-hour seminars, attendees can sample beers presented by the Portland brewers and enjoy food pairings.

“With 53 breweries, Portland boasts more breweries than any city in the world and is known as the Beervana of USA,” says Beervana Director David Cryer. “People attending Beervana this year will have the rare opportunity to taste some incredible craft beers which are not available in New Zealand and to meet some of Portland’s top brewers.”

Tickets to Beervana 2014 can be found at the Beervana website.

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