Tampons as they should be

Tampons as they should be

Crimson Organic tampons is a brand creating real social impact.

By elevating the category from an embarrassing bathroom product to a lifestyle and fashion statement, founder Vicki Scott says: “we have not only captured a niche part of the market, but also enhanced the success of our donations programme”.

Crimson Organic offers natural, safe products with the prettiest packaging in the category. It is aimed at women who want personal products with a feminine touch that make them feel good, as well as safe.

The brand has a heart too. Since its launch in 2018 more than 104,000 tampons have been donated via Crimson Organic’s online tampon donation programme. Real social impact has been driven through education that organic is better for the environment and most importantly the safer alternative to synthetic period products. Crimson Organic champions physical health, wellbeing, and period equity.

 In June 2021 Crimson Organic was chosen as an inaugural supplier of free organic tampons to 2,000 schools across New Zealand. This pilot programme led to the Free Period Products in Schools programme.

As a criminal defence lawyer for 25-years prior to creating Crimson Organic, Vicki has publicly advocated for an end to period poverty. Through Crimson Organic she has raised awareness about it through social media campaigns, radio, and print media interviews, speaking at women’s events and to vulnerable women. Vicki has joined forces with grass roots organisations such as women’s shelters, Auckland City Mission, marae, iwi social agencies, church groups, and youth development programme providers.

After all is said and done, universal access to safe period products should be a fundamental human right; and human rights was something she is very familiar with protecting.

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