Stiegl beer arrives in NZ – all the way from Austria

Stiegl beer arrives in NZ – all the way from Austria

rsz_nzln-stiegl_basket_shotThe Stiegl brewery has been privately owned since the first documented mention of it in 1492, the same year that Columbus discovered America. It has been owned by the Kiener family since 1990 and has developed over this period from a small local brewery into Austria’s largest and most successful private brewery.

Stiegl’s top priority is the use of local raw materials and a respectful use of natural resources, based on the beer purity laws of 1516, thus only hops, water, malt and yeast may be used to brew Stiegl beer.

Negociants New Zealand General Manager, Martin McManus comments, “While we don’t claim to be beer specialists, we have always carried one or two top quality beers to add interest to our portfolio. Being privately owned, Stiegl fits nicely with many of the philosophies of our multi-generational family owned wine business. That the brewery has grown to become the largest of its type in Austria is testimony to Stiegl’s sustained quality. We’re excited about providing a presence for Stiegl in New Zealand and feel sure that it will be appreciated by discerning Kiwi beer lovers.”

Stiegl is available to the Trade from Negociants New Zealand as of 1st March 2016.

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