We want your soft plastic bags and wrappers!

We want your soft plastic bags and wrappers!

Every Future Post contains 1500 bags or wrappers. So, every time customers fill our soft plastic bin that’s another post off the production line.

Be part of the Soft Plastics Recycling Scheme Success Story

In June 2019 we restarted soft plastic collections in Auckland through a supply agreement with Future Post. From being able to process 10 tonnes of soft plastic per month, Future Post now processes 10 times this volume, and this is set to double with the addition of a second production line later this year.

We have also doubled our membership over the same two-year period to more than 120 members. This increase clearly demonstrates that companies see the investment value in product stewardship, from designing their packaging to comply with our materials threshold; designing out hard to recycle plastics or shifting to other materials; promoting the scheme to their customers and supporting the collection process so that soft plastic is repurposed into posts and other products.

Many brands use our “recycle at store” logos, and we are seeing increasing adoption of the Australasian Recycling Label (ARL) with more than 35% of our members now using the PREP tool to apply the ARL on-pack. In Australia, under the National Plastics Plan, the Australian Government has committed to working with industry to see the ARL displayed on 80% of supermarket products by 2023. This will inevitably increase uptake further here with over 95% of scannable barcodes which IRI read common across both New Zealand and Australia.

Members give a huge amount of additional support to the scheme.

Cottonsoft are a founder member and lead by example introducing recyclable paper packs to reduce plastic consumption, using the ARL on pack ….and sponsoring this article to promote the scheme.

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