Tracksuit Brand Tracking Case Study: All Good

Tracksuit Brand Tracking Case Study: All Good

All Good is a 100% New Zealand owned and operated business that works with growers to bring Kiwis delicious and sustainable products that are good for the growers, good for the land and good for you. They’re a small business making a big difference in the world of FMCG – and are actively building and investing in their brand.

Brand is a major asset for most FMCG products. Being distinctive and memorable is a critical success factor when trying to stand out to distracted customers, browsing crowded supermarket shelves, or rushing to complete an online grocery order. It’s simple – strong brands help push you into the customer choice set.

Smart marketers in FMCG, like the team at All Good, are investing in brand building activity. But, what gets measured, gets managed. If you’re looking to effectively build a brand, you need a tool to measure it, so you can plan for growth, diagnose messaging issues, calculate ROI on marketing activity, and identify which campaigns are working best.

The problem is, a full brand tracking programme is simply out of budget for most non-enterprise businesses. Until Tracksuit.

Tracksuit is a brand health tracking platform helping leading FMCG brands, ranging from Good George Brewing to Yealands Wines, Abe’s Bagels and Allpress Espresso, Ceres Organics, BePure Wellness and, of course, All Good, track the size and growth of their addressable market – and use this to prove market demand to retailers.

They’re able to truly get a view on how the market views their brand, and which messaging and values are being adopted by customers, and where and who to target with focused marketing efforts. They can even drill into comparing how your key brand values are performing versus competitors – which is considered a staple household item? Which is viewed as the most sustainable? And of course, it shows how all of these factors are changing over time, so brands can grow and create future demand.

Here, Faye MacGregor, GM over at All Good, shares their journey with the Tracksuit brand health tracking platform.

“As a brand with small budgets, we were often challenged to find budget to support measuring brand health,” MacGregor explained, “understanding customers is of high importance to us, as our sales and marketing strategies are focused on a data-driven, customer insights approach.”

“As a brand with small budgets, we were often challenged to find budget to support measuring brand health”

And there was another challenge – brand tracking traditionally shares insights retrospectively. For a fast-moving FMCG brand like All Good, a quarterly brand tracker had been really effective for measuring top line metrics, but, MacGregor said, “it was harder to understand the impact of media and tactical marketing activity on a monthly basis.”

Timeliness and cost are often barriers to entry for challenger FMCG brands looking to understand the value of their brand spend via brand tracking. And without being able to measure brand marketing activity, there’s no way of taking an evidence-led approach to brand building.

The Tracksuit platform is an effective solution for All Good. It’s providing real-time, automated brand tracking that works for their budget – all thanks to an innovative, syndicated survey, and delivery of insights in real-time via an app.

The platform is very user friendly, so it makes tracking awareness and preference vs our competitive set very easy to review”.

For MacGregor, the app is part of the appeal. “The platform is very user friendly, so it makes tracking awareness and preference vs our competitive set very easy”, she says, adding “We love working with the Tracksuit team! They’ve been nothing but supportive and incredibly helpful.”

As a result, MacGregor says, All Good has been able to really focus on what’s important from marketing and media perspective. The insights are proving so useful, that they’re sharing them beyond the marketing team. MacGregor explains that the key data from the platform is presented to everyone in the All Good team, so they are have the information and data they need when talking to customers.

“The beauty of Tracksuit is there are so many ways we can cut the data to understand what is going on in the categories we play in. Tracksuit has helped us reassess our strategy in terms of simplifying our approach, and focusing on activity that will shift the dial on the key brand health metrics we are tracking.”

Want to see how Tracksuit can give your market teams a simply way to tracking, understanding and building brand health?  Learn more – and book your demo here.

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