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Who is Storetaste?

It’s been six years since Storetaste started, the company has been built and grown organically by word of mouth and the needs of brands in the market through sampling and merchandising. The initial idea for Storetaste came from solving a problem for Airborne Honey trying to create consumer awareness for their different varieties of floral honey.

The problem Airborne Honey was trying to solve was compounded by the fact that sampling is expensive and the results are almost impossible to verify.

After lots of thinking and some smart work by our software engineer Storetaste was born. The goal was to reduce administration associated with managing staff and brand requirements while making the results of the tasting activity visible.

Facebook Advertising vs Sampling: Is it possible to pick a winner? If sampling is going to be used as a credible promotional activity then the results need to be measured like any other method of promotion. You might be interested in the results.

The terminology is different reflecting the different responses that are possible for each promotion. For example Facebook = reach and conversion. Storetaste  = taste and interaction.

The benefit of instore sampling is the ability to target shoppers in the store your product is listed at the time of day the majority of customers are engaged in their shopping activity. The benefit with Storetaste is we give brands the ability to manage sampling like any other promotional activity through visibility and affordability. As you can see the cost of physically offering customers your product in the store they shop in results in a lower cost per taste and lower cost per interaction.

Can the Storetaste software platform be the NEW normal for sales & merchandising organisations? Over the years the Storetaste platform has evolved to include merchandising and report analysis. What has surprised us (which isn’t really surprising) is the savings and the level of visibility for products and rep activity in-store delivered by a digital platform.

When you think about it, there is a significant waste of administration time and resources involved with managing brands and the sales and merchandising team. There is also a disconnect between commission based remuneration and the actions required to maintain a successful sales program.

Maybe there is another way of working that is more efficient and delivers a better results?

A good sales support platform plays a critical role in providing same day results including out of stock reports, distribution and price reports. It seems crazy waiting three months for the national sales data when there are ways to collect key metrics and inform actions.

Finally, Storetaste is working hard to re-invent the current model of the vast amount of administration time involved with managing sales support teams. Current models can have reps driving to the same stores to perform similar functions with the same unproductive out of store time burning up gas and depreciation when the same job could be done by shared reps that live in close proximity to the store. 

The Storetaste platform provides a community based approach for brands, agencies and stores connecting and sharing sampling and merchandising reps who use the platform which makes their actions visible. When actions are visible the quality improves and the focus changes from managing people to managing the products instore. This gives  brands and their agencies the opportunity to grow sales and distribution.

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