No more ambulance at the bottom of your compliance cliff

No more ambulance at the bottom of your compliance cliff

QTRACA is innovative cloud software built for food manufacturers with the objective of saving them time and money by helping them manage all quality assurance and traceability requirements.

Removing paper from the factory floor and replacing it with digital forms enables a business to analyse data immediately, be alerted when data is out of spec, notify users on certain events, and analyse trends in their data. All of which is hard if not impossible with paper. Risk is not only reduced by having records stored securely on-line, avoiding events such as flooding and fire, but by knowing exactly when something happens so it can be rectified immediately.

Products can easily be traced and recalls performed using QTRACA’s traceability module. Traceability extends to WIP batches, and rework. Inwards good receipting can be enhanced using Image processing to automatically read packing slips.

Automating environmental monitoring, such as temperature, is simple with QTRACA. Temperature readings can be taken real-time and can alert users when a reading is out of spec.

Training is an essential part of any manufacturing business. QTRACA can provide training quizzes to staff, in any language, through its training portal. This portal can also be used to provide access to standard operating procedures and other essential training material.

Complaints can be managed and analysed seamlessly within QTRACA. Non-conformances can be created from complaints, and then actioned via corrective or preventative actions.

One of the biggest benefits of QTRACA is being able to gain visibility into your business from anywhere, at any time. This enables you to be pro-active, finding issues before they become costly mistakes requiring a product recall, or product to be dumped.

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