Delivering life’s essentials every day

Delivering life’s essentials every day

Exporting goods across the globe with CHEP

This is the Supply Chain

CHEP is uniquely positioned to move your product from source to retailer globally on a single pallet platform; reducing waste, cost and handling throughout the supply chain.

CHEP is the invisible backbone of the supply chain, delivering life’s essentials every day. Through our share and reuse model, we move more goods to more people in more places than any other organisation. That’s how we contribute to a more sustainable future

What does this mean? Our pallets are collected, conditioned and re-used in the receiving country meaning you only pay for the first leg of this journey.

Our solutions enable our customers to reduce the number of platforms they need to procure, manage and maintain. Less capital is expended. Less resources are consumed less waste is produced.

We are strongly positioned supplying more than 350 million platforms for our customers to ensure your operations keep moving and get your goods to the right place at the right time in the right condition. We play a key role within every leg and across every trading partner in the supply chain. 

Navigating better, faster, smarter all around the world

CHEP can help you navigate a smoother passage through the global supply chain—within the world of platforms and the logistics of international shipping.

Exporting goods can be complicated, with rules, regulations and the complexity of supply chain logistics. There are many additional challenges with cross-border flows, ISPM 15 compliance, greater risk of damage and the hidden costs in the exchange process.We want to help you export in ways that are better, faster, smarter—and that cost less.

To help you implement the right sustainable solution for your business click here to find out more or contact us on 0800 65 2437 or email

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