Speight’s promises a ginger beer “with a bit of bite”

Speight’s promises a ginger beer “with a bit of bite”

GINGER BEER botle.epsWith a view to the summer, Speight’s has launched Speight’s Ginger Beer which is described as “a straight up, no nonsense dry styled alcoholic ginger beer that does what it’s supposed to – quench your thirst.” The brewers say it is “newest” member of the wider Speight’s family, and also the “gingeriest.”

Chris Snow from Speight’s says “Speight’s Ginger Beer is a reflection of New Zealand’s varying and greater openness to trying new flavour combinations. While alcoholic ginger beer is by no means new, Speight’s has recognised that drinkers would respond well to an alternative to the current options available – a less sweet, more intense ginger beer experience.”

With more than 130 years of brewing experience, Speight’s proved that it was more than a beer brewer when it first introduced the popular Speight’s Cider in 2011. Despite the summer launch, Speight’s Ginger Beer is brewed to be enjoyed year round.

Speight’s says that their Ginger Beer is ideal served over ice or enjoyed straight from the bottle. The brewers tasting notes describe a “welcoming taste of ginger warmth and spice at the back of the mouth.” In a very non-Southern Man move, Ginger Beer is recommended as an accompaniment “to a nutty cheese like Gruyere or even a fresh Sushi dish.”

Speight’s Ginger Beer is now available and has a Recommended Retail Price (RRP) of $14.99.

For more information visit http://speights.co.nz/nz/Our-Range/Main/Speights-Ginger-Beer

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