SOBA Awards Recipients announced

SOBA Awards Recipients announced

rsz_nzln-sobaThe 2015 Society of Beer Advocates (SOBA) Awards have declared Upper Hutt’s brewery Panhead Custom Ales’ Supercharger APA as the country’s best beer, and Garage Project as the nation’s best brewery, confirming Wellington’s status as the beer capital of New Zealand.

Garage Project, based in Aro Valley, is known for its wide range of small batch experimental beers (pictured). It was recognised in 2015 as one of the fastest growing New Zealand companies, growing more than 600% in one year.

The SOBA awards are given based on votes from SOBA members around the country and the winners are:

National Awards

Beer of the year
Panhead, Super Charger
Runner Up Garage Project, Death From Above

Brewery of the year
Garage Project
Runner Up Panhead

Best Home Brew Shop
Finney’s Home Brew Emporium
Runner Up

Regional Awards

Brothers Beer – Best Auckland Bar
Runner Up Vulture’s Lane

Hallertau – Best Auckland Restaurant
Joint Runners Up Galbraith’s Alehouse & Brothers Juke Joint BBQ

Hopscotch Beer Company – Best Auckland Off License
Runner Up Liquorland Newmarket

City of Ales – Best Auckland Beer Event

Good George Dining Hall – Best Waikato Bar
Runner Up Craft

Gothenburg restaurant – Best Waikato Restaurant

The Hamilton Beer & Wine Co – Best Waikato Off License

The Hour Glass – Best Taranaki Bar
Runner Up Mike’s Brewery

Liquorland Fitzroy – Best Taranaki Off License

SOBA Mountain Ales Festival – Best Taranaki Beer Event

The Rutland Arms Best Wanganui Bar

Liquorland, Albert Street – Best Manawatu Off License

Hashigo Zake – Best Wellington Bar
Runner Up Golding’s Free Dive

Ortega Fish Shack – Best Wellington Restaurant
Runner Up Grill Meats Beer

Regional Wines and Spirits – Best Wellington Off License
Runner Up Thorndon New World

Pacific Beer Expo – Best Wellington Beer Event
Runner Up Beervana

Nelson/Golden Bay
The Free House – Best Nelson-Golden Bay Bar
Runner Up The Mussel Inn

Fresh Choice, Richmond Best – Nelson-Golden Bay Off License
Runner Up Fresh Choice, Nelson

Marchfest Best – Nelson-Golden Bay Beer Event

Dodson Street – Best Marlborough Bar
Joint Runners Up Grovetown Hotel & The Old Bank Tavern

Pomeroy’s Old Brewery Inn – Best Canterbury Bar
Runner Up Volstead Trading Company

Pomeroy’s Old Brewery Inn – Best Canterbury Restaurant

The Beer Library – Best Canterbury Off License
Runner Up Punky Brewster

South Island Beer Festival – Best Canterbury Beer Event
Runner Up Great Kiwi Beer Festival

Albar – Best Otago-Southland Bar
Joint Runners Up Ombrellos Kitchen and Bar & The Portsider

Ombrellos Kitchen and Bar – Best Otago-Southland Restaurant

Meenan Wines & Spirits Ltd – Best Otago-Southland Off License

Dunedin Craft Beer & Food Festival – Best Otago-Southland Beer Event

2015 Honoured Members

Ted and Frances Verrity for service to the beer industry and community

Paul Wicksteed for service to home brewing

Martin Bridges for service to SOBA

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