Skincare & Haircare for men

Skincare & Haircare for men

FMCG Business talked to local suppliers to find out what’s trending in NZ supermarkets.

An Australasian success story, DOMINATE continues to lead the men’s hair styling category with its uniquely innovative and dynamic approach. DOMINATE has built its reputation from the expertise of barber store owner turned entrepreneur Shane Young, along with category experience from former FMCG executive Anthony Gadsdon. These guys have been the driving force behind creating a brand brimming with attitude and creating salon quality products with FMCG credentials.

Men’s hairstyling is a category which is both fast changing and heavily influenced by changes in fashion, but the brand’s quality innovation at affordable price points has kept it rising above the rest.

“We spend a lot of time understanding trends in the wider market and take the best of salon performance and offer it to grocery consumers for much better value. It’s our job to make sure we understand what’s coming up and delivering the right products to supermarkets to keep them in the game,” says Sales Director Anthony Gadsdon.

One such product catering to consumer hair trends and fashion, and a high-performing product in the range is the ‘Out of Bed’ matte hair shaper, which has been hugely successful.

A new piece of category innovation has been the introduction of DOMINATE mini pots (15g). These allow both trial and experimentation, encouraging customers in the range and driving incremental growth to the DOMINATE brand.

This year two existing products have been given a refresh. Aqua Waxx is a unique water wax, a product offering popular in salons. This has had a refresh and is now in the flagship black DOMINATE pot, with a formulation improvement so it now has a stronger hold factor. Resin Fix Paste has also had a refresh and is now in a vibrant new blue pot.


BIC has the following male brands in New Zealand supermarkets:

*BIC Flex 3

*BIC Flex 4

*BIC Hybrid 4 Advance

*BIC Comfort 3 Advance

*BIC Hybrid 3 Advance

*BIC Twin Easy Precision

*BIC Classic single blade

Hermann Jaaniorg, BIC Shavers Brand Manager Oceania, told FMCG Business: “Flex 4 is our most recent launch in NZ, it is the fastest growing disposable shaver in NZ. It was launched in August 2013. Flex 4 is now 2.5% of the male disposable market in NZ and it keeps growing at the fastest rate of all the male disposable SKU’s (+130% in Jan 2015 vs Jan 2014) – this is all based on Aztec Scan data up to 25/01/2015.”

He explains: “Flex 4 has actually helped BIC shavers to become the #1 male disposable brand in New Zealand with 37% market share in January 2015. This year is all about growing Flex 4, and it looks like we are on the right track.”

What are the consumer trends in this category, in his experience? Jaaniorg says he sees two major consumer trends: “First, men are shaving less because beards are more trendy today. Second, the disposables segment led by BIC in New Zealand has been closing the gap in technology vs systems shavers (cartridges), given that consumers are becoming more savvy in the way they spend their money. They can get a really good shave at a good price in disposables, that is why the disposables category has been growing at a steady 3% growth rate every year in New Zealand.”

Flex 4 features Quad flexible blade technology for superior performance:

  • Four independent spring-mounted blades that distribute and absorb pressure evenly for a seamlessly close shave
  • Pivoting head and textured handle for improved control
  • Lubricating strip with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E for ultra comfort
  • Thick rubber guard bar allowing better stretch for precision.


Wilson Consumer Products

Brand Manager Anne Towns told FMCG Business: “Just for Men has a 99% share of the total Men’s Hair Colouring Category* (basically no competition). The category has been flat over the last year, so it is ready for a shake-up in the form of Control GX.”

She explains: “Control GX launched in March 2015 in New Zealand – the latest innovation from the makers of Just for Men. Control GX is a shampoo designed to be subtle, gradually reducing grey a little bit with each shampooing. The more frequently you use it, the sooner you will see your grey reduced, no matter what colour your hair is!”

Towns adds: “Brut is experiencing a brand revival with growth of 8.8% per annum vs a deo category that is in decline by 1.6% (Aztec AGR Total Supermarkets MAT 29/06/14). Launched late 2014 are the new Brut 3 in 1 shower gels for face, body and hair with fragrances that match the anti-perspirants.”

*Aztec MAT Total Supermarkets 1/02/2015

Skinfood Cleans All

Alex Badger, General Manager at Skinfood told FMCG Business: “With manuka honey, kiwifruit extract, lime flower extract, sunflower oil and aloe vera, Skinfood’s Cleans All is a paraben-free daily facial cleanser for women and men. Cleansing is considered the most important step in a skincare regime. Washing your face morning and night is the best way to achieve clean, clear and healthy looking skin. Skinfood’s Cleans All (RRP$13.99) removes the dirt and debris your skin builds up every day without stripping the skin of essential oils.

“Rich in peach oil, manuka honey, avocado oil, elderberry and marshmallow extracts and with a light orange scent, Skinfood’s Light Moisturiser is a non-oily and paraben-free facial moisturiser that gently refreshes skin, leaving it smooth and hydrated. It contains ingredients that help to repair and restore collagen and elastin. Skinfood’s Light Moisturiser (RRP$13.99) is ideal for oilier skin types because of its light texture it doesn’t clog and agitate pores. It is also great for men who like to moisturise but don’t like heavily perfumed and creamy alternatives.

“Skinfood Cleansing Body Bar refreshes your skin. A balance of manuka honey, avocado oil and lime will leave your skin feeling and smelling clean, fresh and light. The Skinfood Cleansing Body Bar (RRP$2.89) is an easy to use saddle shape, deliciously scented with lime oil that invigorates skin and senses.

“Skinfood has had some very successful launches into Foodstuffs, Progressive and The Warehouse recently,” says Badger. “Multitasking products and natural/organic products are among the key consumer trends in this category,” she comments.

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