Seven of the weirdest beers ever made

Seven of the weirdest beers ever made

The people over at the Cool Material website decided to compile a list of the of the seven “most outlandish beer creations we’ve ever heard of.”  New Zealand Liquor News has a look at their list and speculates about which crazy Kiwi creations they may have missed.  Here are their top seven bizarre brews along with the ingredients which got them included:

rsz_bone-dusters-paleo-aleBone Dusters Paleo Ale: The yeast used to create this beer was obtained by scraping the bones of a 35-million-year-old whale fossil.

Dogfish Head Celeste-Jewel-Ale: The recipe’s pièce de résistance is a little bit of moon dust – yes, they literally ground up pieces of meteorites.

Rogue Beard Beer: This brew is made with yeast from Brewmaster John Maier’s beard whose facial hair has been there since 1983.
Dock Street Walker: Inspired by the television show The Walking Dead, this American Pale Stout includes smoked goat brains.

Borg Brugghús Fenrir Nr. 26: There is no getting round this – the malt used to make the beer has been smoked over burning sheep droppings.

Fossil Fuels Brewing Company 45-Million-Year-Old Beer: Sounding suspiciously like a famous movie, the yeast strain was extracted from ancient sap which had hardened into amber around a fly.

Right Brain Mangalitsa Pig Porter: Because bacon beers have become surprisingly common, these brewers used a whole pig’s head and all its bone to make a gold medal winning beer.

At least one of these beers has reached New Zealand (Rogue Beard Beer) but our brewers have produced a few quirky ales themselves.  Three Boys made an award winning porter with pineapple lumps while the Beervana Media Brew competition was won a few years ago by a craft beer brewed with Steinlager and jet plane lollies.  Oysters have been thrown into the brew (Three Boys Oyster Stout) as have clams (Emerson’s Clam Porter) and smoked seaweed (ParrotDog Cook Strait).  We can do weird too.

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