Say ‘Cheese’!

Say ‘Cheese’!

rsz_2-cheese_month_slider_image October is NZ Cheese Month, so look out for activities and promotions celebrating glorious cheeses in supermarkets and other venues nationwide.

From cheese degustations, in-store tastings, to ‘meet the cheesemaker’ events – New Zealand Cheese Month has something for all cheese-lovers. New Zealand Cheese Month is about celebrating our unique and diverse range of locally made cheese, and acknowledging the hard-working and passionate cheese makers behind the brands we love. Driven by The New Zealand Specialist Cheesemakers Association, New Zealand Cheese Month features national and regional events, including tastings, demonstrations, in-store promotions and more from Northland right down to Invercargill.

If you’re feeling adventurous try Barry’s Bay’s new Chilli Halloumi, attend a wine and cheese class with Over the Moon Dairy, or for the ultimate feel good activity head to Aroha Organic Goats for its goat cuddling hour with their much loved ‘girls’! And don’t be surprised if you bump into your favourite cheesemaker at your local New World or Countdown store.

Restaurants and specialist food stores including Farro Fresh, Sabato, Moore Wilson’s, C’est Cheese, Town Tonic and Ortolana (to name a few) are getting behind NZ Cheese Month celebrations with their own events, promotions and tastings.

This is just a small taste of what’s happening across the country. Check out the New Zealand Cheese Month website ( to explore what’s on in each region, create a truly Kiwi dish with your favourite cheese, host a cheese pairing party or just try something new this October.

Event and activity highlights, as well as regular giveaways, will run throughout this month on

Cheeselovers are encouraged to track NZ Cheese Month activities, and mark their favourite Cheese Month moments, by using the hashtag #nzcheesemonth.

Did you know?

Cheese is good for your teeth. As well as providing calcium, eating cheese neutralises the acid formed in the mouth from eating food, like fruit, that attacks dental enamel.

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