Profile: Meadow Mushrooms

Profile: Meadow Mushrooms

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 12_opt (2)Meadows is a 100% Kiwi owned family business which started with a passion for mushrooms in Canterbury in 1970. They are proud to be a sustainable producer of beautiful food and dedicated to ensuring quality, locally grown, hand harvested product reaches Kiwi plates across the country.

After 45 years, Meadows products are now despatched 24/7, 364 days a year and have become a Kiwi staple. But even good things need a change, so the company have launched a new pack to introduce a ‘game changer’ to the fresh mushroom sector.

To activate this change, Meadows full range – including white buttons, brown buttons and Portabello’s – is now more visible in store produce sections with the striking new packaging which comes in three different formats of recyclable, biodegradable cardboard packs.

The innovative new packs are expected to lead the way in produce sections with bold on-pack type emphasizing mushrooms’ key health benefits to help educate Kiwi consumers. These include messages such as ‘Vitamins B2, B3, B5 & B7 for Energy’ and ‘an excellent source of Selenium for immunity’.

“Mushrooms are the new superfood,” says John Barnes, CEO of Meadows, “not only are they tasty but they contain a host of health benefits such as being low in fat and sodium. Our new packs provide a great platform to help communicate this information to our customers both in home and at point of sale”.

Nutritionist support also boosters the health claims and Nutritionists such as Nikki Hart are joining their new consumer campaign. Meadows aims to develop consumer knowledge about the humble fungi and help New Zealand families maintain health and well-being by including more mushrooms in their meals.

The campaign will challenge all Kiwis to find more ways to get Meadows into their diets, by sharing their favourite recipes and ideas. Food celebs including Julia and Libby and Michael Van de Elzen will be lending their support.

It is recognised that a handful of Meadows provides an excellent source of –

        B vitamins (B2, B3, B5 and B7) which support energy and aid skin and hair condition

        36% of RDI of selenium for immunity and mood

        Potassium to help maintain normal blood pressure

        Vitamins and minerals essential to growth and development in children.

At a time where cardiovascular disease is now recognised as being responsible for 30% of all deaths in New Zealand, it seems we all need to give more consideration to what we are eating.

Make sure you are well stocked as this campaign kicks into gear around the country or visit for more information.

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