Premium coffee capsule system takes NZ by storm

Premium coffee capsule system takes NZ by storm

The Espressotoria System is a premium coffee capsule system that produces café quality coffee at the press of a button through innovative capsule design and precision piercing technology. A compact and affordable automatic capsule machine, the Capino delivers seamless espressos for everyday use, part of the reason the Espressotoria System is taking New Zealand the market by storm.

The other contributing factor to Espressotoria’s success is the variety of coffee capsule brands that are all exclusively compatible with the Espressotoria System. From the premium quality Vittoria Coffee capsules through to market leading Caffe Aurora and the ever popular Chicco D’oro.

6-rsz_vittoriaThe Capsule segment is growing at 56% and shows no sign of slowing down.* “It’s an exciting segment having grown to be worth close to $12 million within three years,” says Rolando Schirato, Managing Director of Vittoria Food & Beverage. In order to maximise the capsule category performance, Schirato believes that “retailers need to start thinking about reducing other under-performing hot beverage segments and allocating appropriate shelf space to capsules. The key to growth within this category is seeding machines, and if retailers are not willing to provide the space, the category’s overall growth is going to be significantly held back”.

The majority of the growth within the capsule segment is coming from instant coffee drinkers. The increased value and convenience on a per serve basis is helping trade people up from instant to capsules. In the latest MAT the capsule segment has seen a growth rate of +56%.* This growth is driving the entire pure coffee category and Vittoria Food & Beverage remains a major contributor with their Espressotoria Capsules and Compatible Capsules range.

“Coffee drinkers are always searching for the best quality coffee with the added benefits of convenience, and the Espressotoria system is doing just that – delivering café quality coffee at home,” Schirato says.

Espressotoria has executed unmatched aggressive first-to-market promotions such as ‘Buy 6 Capsules and receive a FREE machine’, which have not only increased category activity but have also helped reduce the categories overall barrier to entry. “Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for the end consumer to trade up from instant coffee to better quality pure coffee capsules,” Schirato said.

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