NZ health & wellness brands at Naturally Good

NZ health & wellness brands at Naturally Good

On Monday the 3rd of June, top New Zealand brands leading the charge within the natural health movement, will touch down in Sydney at Australia’s leading natural and healthy living expo, Naturally Good, to showcase their innovative products, that are better-for-you and the planet.

Meet some of the New Zealand based brands heading across the ditch to make a difference to the world with their natural and healthy products.


Known for their natural teas and healing elixirs, ŌKU was founded by couple Scott & Helen, born out of the desire to harness the power of the native plants of Aotearoa into a product range that allows people to connect with and experience the amazing properties held within NZ nature.

Good Sh*t Soda

Good Sh*t is the world’s first Pre + Pro Synbiotic soda formulated for your good gut health. It tastes like real soda, minus the nasties. Every can of the Good Gut Drink contains over one third of your Daily Fibre and 1 Billion Probiotics.

Real World NZ

Real World essentials bring a sense of restorative care to your skin & understated luxury to your home. Using only the most necessary & nourishing plant-based ingredients, these purposeful little pleasures are better for you, your loved ones, and the planet.

The Vitality Project NZ

A world-first for brain health and your mental wellbeing. The Vitality Project’s once-a-day formula can help you to reclaim your mental wellbeing and vitality.

Hello Period

Founded by childhood best friends, Hello Period was launched after realising period care needed some serious innovation in terms of comfortability, reliability and sustainability. Hello Period is now home to internationally recognised, award-winning period care products.

Innerbloom NZ

Originating from a professional firefighter’s desire to create an energy drink that is ready-to-drink, but without the nasties! InnerBloom launched in 2017 and is now New Zealand’s leading Functional Coffee RTD. Enhanced with natural superfoods, and adaptogens, InnerBloom supports energy and focus.

Mamma’s Milk Bar

With a key mission to empower the motherhood journey with nourishing products that helps mums feel that they are doing their best for their babies, themselves, and their families, Mamma’s Milk Bar is the home of award-winning pregnancy and breastfeeding supplements that are good for you and the planet.

Me Today World

Founded by husband and wife, Me Today World products are based on both science and tradition, with every product in the range being thoughtfully formulated in New Zealand, using clean, high-quality ingredients. The range includes a premium quality supplements, skincare and honey made effective and modern with the environment in mind.

Native Neem

From pet care, body and hair care to garden and home care, Native Neem utilises exactly that – Native Neem to create healthy living products for all, with wellness and sustainability in mind. 

Naturally Good is Australia’s leading business event for natural, sustainable and healthy products and will be held at ICC in Sydney on 3rd and 4th of June. For more information visit

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