rsz_beetroot_burger_finalThere’s no denying, most Kiwis certainly have a soft spot for the trusty old burger teamed together with deliciously sweet slices of beetroot, which is why Bean Supreme is pretty excited to announce the brand new arrival of its vegetarian Black Bean Beetroot Burger.

Made from wholefoods such as beetroot, black beans and ancient grains (quinoa and buckwheat), the faithful old burger has had a bit of a facelift, making it a deliciously different protein and fibre source that will keep you full and satisfied.

Perfect to grill on the barbeque at the weekend or for an ideal mid-week meal, the Black Bean Beetroot Burger is quick and easy to make.

Arriving now in supermarkets nationwide (RRP from $7.99).

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  1. I was so excited by the idea of these… But alas they have little flavour and are heavy. Not one of your better products by a long shot…

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