New Destination Farm Store & Butchery in Kaikōura

New Destination Farm Store & Butchery in Kaikōura

The Macdonald family are delighted to announce the opening of Middlehurst Station Farm Store, a thoughtfully curated farm store and boutique butchery situated in the heart of Kāikoura township. This captivating farm store will serve as a haven for residents and visitors seeking fresh meat, locally sourced produce, and a diverse selection of seasonal products.

“Kaikōura is renowned for its remarkable food and artisan producers, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to contribute to this thriving community,” said Lucy Macdonald, one of the sisters behind the visionary Middlehurst Station Farm Store. “We’ve always dreamed of creating a space where we can connect with our customers directly and showcase the best of New Zealand’s high-country farming.”

For the Macdonald family, parents Susan and Willie, and children Sophie, Lucy, Henry and Skye, the farm store represents a natural progression in their family business.

Sophie and Lucy Macdonald

“It brings us great joy to see our children actively involved in the family business, evolving it into something remarkable. Opening a farm store felt like the logical next step for our business, aligning perfectly with our values and overall vision,” said Susan Macdonald.

The Macdonald family envisions that the farm store will make a positive impact on the local economy. By championing local producers, they hope to foster a new avenue for sales for Kaikōura’s hardworking individuals and families.

Lucy adds, “We want to showcase as many artisanal Canterbury, Kaikōura and Marlborough products as possible. We can’t wait to give local producers another avenue to sell their amazing products.”

The Middlehurst Station Farm Store is also kitted out with a fully certified butchery and talented local butcher, Brogan Matthews. Brogan will be responsible for preparing and providing fresh, premium cuts of Middlehurst Station lamb and beef and Patoa Pork.

Lucy Macdonald, expressed her enthusiasm about the expansion, saying, “We’re excited to level up our offering. Our mission has always been to make premium high-country lamb accessible to New Zealanders. And this is our chance.”

In addition to serving local customers, Middlehurst Station Farm Store will continue to extend its services to accommodate wholesale and hospitality venues at both local and national levels. This expansion will enable more people to access and enjoy the exceptional quality products Middlehurst Station is renowned for.

The Middlehurst Station Farm Store opens on Saturday, 8 July and the family invites everyone from the region to come and experience the rich flavours, seasonal delights, and warm hospitality that Kaikōura is renowned for.

About Middlehurst Station

Middlehurst Station is situated in the rugged, arid, and remote mountains of the Awatere Valley in Marlborough. The station covers 16,550 hectares of land, ranging from the rolling Awatere River flats to the peaks of the inland Kaikōura ranges. With elevations ranging from 550 metres to 2500 metres, Middlehurst Station has some of NZ’s most challenging high country farming conditions. Willie and

Susan bought Middlehurst Station from the Stevenson family in 1998 and moved here with their four young children Sophie, Henry, Lucy and Skye. At the heart of our business is family.

Each member of our family holds a pivotal role in the operation of both the station and their various businesses. Willie and Susan, as the guiding forces, skilfully oversee all aspects of the station and its diverse ventures. Sophie and Lucy manage the Farm Store, along with wholesale and Direct-to-Consumer sales, while Henry oversees the station with Cheviot Farm Manager, Paul Chambers. Henry’s fiancée Joy skilfully manages The Quarters with on-site chef, Emma Parker. Although currently abroad on her OE, Skye eagerly anticipates her return, poised to assume the reins of the Farm Store’s day-to-day operations. Together, they weave their collective passion into the fabric of a thriving rural business.

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