Ben & Jerry’s Launches its New Sundaes

Ben & Jerry’s Launches its New Sundaes

Ben & Jerry’s has launched two new pints, giving Kiwis a delicious twist on a classic. The Ben & Jerry’s Sundaes come in two delicious Fairtrade certified flavours: Hazel-nuttin’ But Chocolate and non-dairy Berry Revolutionary. Complete with creamy whipped toppings, and jam-packed with extra chunks and swirls, they are the perfect pal to any day of the week, or are they?

So many of us have had that moment on a Sunday afternoon when we start to worry about what we have to deal with on a Monday. It’s the Sunday Scaries kicking in.. We’re already mentally at work, uni, etc, running through the tasks to tick off instead of being in the moment on your weekend.

When the Scaries start to take hold, we invite Kiwis to indulge in a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Sundaes, instead of their scary, runaway thoughts! We think you may agree that grabbing a spoon and some good company to join you tucking into either Hazel-nuttin’ But Chocolate Sundae, or non-dairy Berry RevolutionarySundae will be just the thing you need to kick the Scaries into touch!

Hazel-nuttin’ But Chocolate contains chocolate hazelnut ice-cream with brownie pieces and sea salt chocolatey swirls, topped with creamy whipped ice-cream, chocolatey hazelnut swirls and chocolatey chunks; this flavour is the route to nutty euphoria.

Berry Revolutionary is a non-dairy flavour, perfect for vegans and those who are lactose-intolerant. It’s made of non-dairy raspberry deliciousness with chocolatey sandwich cookies, chocolatey cookie swirls and topped with creamy whipped topping, caramel swirls and chocolatey chunks.

For more information, contact Rose Folkard or phone 021 086 07931.

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