Mars recalls chocolate products in 55 countries

Mars recalls chocolate products in 55 countries

MarsA massive recall is in place after a customer in Germany found bits of plastic in a Snickers bar in January. The plastic was traced back to the Mars factory in Veghel in the Netherlands. A spokesperson for Mars said the recall only involved products manufactured at the Dutch plant.

Mars bars sold in New Zealand are produced in Australia and are not affected by this particular recall.

In the UK the products affected include funsize Mars and Milky Way bars and boxes of Celebrations. In the Netherlands Mars and Snickers bars were also affected. The recall covers mostly countries in Europe and does not extend to the US, where Mars is based.

The company has not said how many bars are affected or how much the recall will cost. The food giant said it has decided to voluntarily recall some products as a precaution.

“With this recall, we would like to prevent consumers who have purchased one of the above-mentioned products from consuming it,” the company said in a statement.

The UK’s Food Standards Agency (FSA) said: “Mars has just confirmed to the FSA that there has been UK distribution of products recalled in the Netherlands and Germany. We are awaiting full distribution details from the company and will publish advice shortly.”

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