Lakeman Brewing a huge hit in Wellington

Lakeman Brewing a huge hit in Wellington

NZLN - Lakeman - imageThis new brewery takes its name from the mythical Lakeman, a beer drinking beast said to dwell on the shores of Lake Taupo.  He is stereotypically big and hairy but is considered unique among monsters for his love of craft beer.  Legend has it that a group of locals set up the Lakeman brewery in his honour and to placate the creature’s mighty thirst.

The only parts of that first paragraph which are verifiably true is that Lakeman Brewery has opened in Taupo and they are producing craft beer.  A large furry monster is often seen at their live events but it is pretty clearly a guy in a Bigfoot suit.  That does not stop him being hugely popular with the fans.

Lakeman’s initial range includes Pilsner, Pale Ale, Lahar, Hairy Hop IPA and Taupo Pale Ale.  They tasted instant success at the 2014 New Zealand Beer Awards with Lakeman Pale Ale picking up a bronze medal in the British-style ales category and Lakeman Taupo Pale Ale winning bronze in the US-style ales class.

TheShout’s Head of Content Neil Miller, a keen craft beer drinker himself, had hoped to try his first Lakeman beers at Beervana, New Zealand’s premier beer festival, in Wellington recently.  Unfortunately for him (but good news for the brewers) was Lakeman were completely sold out by the time he got there.  They were the first brewery to have their taps completely drained by the 11,000 punters through the door.

On their Facebook page, Lakeman said they “had an awesome time getting amongst it at Beervana.  We met so many great people.  Thanks to everyone who came to see us and try our brews.  We are looking forward to going back in 2015 and hopefully the taps will not run dry next year!”

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