Kumara Fusion creates new deli category

Kumara Fusion creates new deli category

rsz_kumara_fusionNew Zealand owned brand Kumara Fusion has broken new ground in the deli category with the launch of its smooth, naturally sweet, low-fat kumara blend. The product range, which will be available in supermarkets from March, is the first of its kind in New Zealand.

Packed in 130g tubs, Kumara Fusion offers a healthy, sophisticated alternative to other dips, pastes and spreads. It is dairy-free, gluten-free, nut-free, and contains no added preservatives or colours.

Kumara Fusion founder, Olga Martinez, designed the product range after learning that her husband was gluten intolerant. “We quickly discovered that there wasn’t much choice out there. What was available was full of preservatives, which we’ve learned, from looking at research, isn’t great for digestion,” explains Olga. “After some trial and error, I realised that blending the superfood Beauregard kumara with just a few other natural ingredients results in a delicacy that melts in the mouth and leaves you wanting more.”

“After offering Kumara Fusion at our local farmer’s market, it became clear that the product had potential,” she adds. “Adults and children of all ages loved it, even those that didn’t normally like kumara. The sweet, silky texture appealed to a wide range of people. That’s when we knew we had to launch Kumara Fusion on a larger scale.”

One of the benefits of Kumara Fusion is its versatility. Olga is hoping consumers will get creative with the blends. “It can be enjoyed as a dip, a spread or simply on its own off a spoon,” says Olga. “We’ve found that it can also make other Kiwi ingredients sing. It pairs beautifully with a wide variety of fruits, nuts and cheeses. It also works well with bread and turns a simple sandwich into something nutritious, delicious and exciting.

The range currently includes Kumara Fusion Original; Kumara Fusion Honey, which is naturally sweeter tasting than the Original; and Kumara Fusion Chocolate, which boasts a decadent layer of dark Whittaker’s chocolate.

About Kumara Fusion

The homeland of the Kumara Fusion founders, Basque country, sits between Spain and France, with gastronomy at the centre of its culture. Basque food uses only the freshest ingredients and little else, making the cuisine inventive, honest, pure and enjoyable. They wanted to share their philosophy with their new friends in New Zealand and started with a Kiwi icon – kumara – then added European know-how to find a match made in heaven. For more information, visit www.kumarafusion.co.nz.

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