Debbie Simpson-Pudney (IRI)

The impact of COVID-19 was the focal point at the annual IRI State of The Industry event in Auckland, where new insights were presented to help us navigate successfully into 2021 and beyond.

This year brought us seismic shifts, explained IRI’s Debbie Simpson-Pudney, with the pandemic resulting in work-from-home, isolation and home-schooling all over the world.

Craig Irwin (IRI)

We can expect increased interest in foods that support immunity, mental well-being and chronic illness, for example, and innovation such as functional benefits will drive growth.

Hand sanitisers, antibacterial products, household cleaners and “protective” products will continue to drive new revenue.

The key product and sales trends for the New Zealand Grocery market were summarised in excellent presentations from the IRI team, which can be accessed here.

The sold-out IRI event also included unique insights into the current US market and a presentation from ASB Chief Economist Nick Tuffley, while guest speaker Nigel Latta analysed shopper behaviour with his famous sense of humour.

For further information on IRI’s State of the Industry please contact your IRI representative.

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