Hot cross buns trump chocolate eggs this Easter

Hot cross buns trump chocolate eggs this Easter

New Foodstuffs New Zealand research reveals the true extent of the nation’s obsession with the hot cross bun, with 56% of Kiwis surveyed intending to have a hot cross bun this Easter, slightly ahead of the 48% who will be enjoying a chocolate egg. 

Foodstuffs New Zealand, the 100% locally owned and operated co-operatives behind PAK’nSAVE, New World and Four Square stores asked Kiwis how they’d be celebrating Easter this year, reaching out to over a thousand online panel members across New Zealand over March.  

Foodstuffs New Zealand’s Head of Customer Insights and Intelligence Chris Day says the insights form part of the way the co-operatives ensure what’s on offer reflects the unique way Kiwis intend to celebrate the holiday.

“Hot cross buns are a bit of an obsession in New Zealand and our research confirms just how popular they are.  

“We also know that finding value is really important for Kiwis, so picking up a pack of hot cross buns at the supermarket can be an affordable treat for families,” he says.  

Aside from partaking in hot cross buns and chocolate eggs, close to half (48%) of Kiwis intend to use the holiday to spend time with family, with 17% looking to travel out of town for at least a night. 

Easter Sunday is likely to be the most popular day for Kiwis to get together, with 65% wanting to gather for dinner and over half planning to make the family get together a formal affair. 

“Despite our dining habits becoming more casual, creating special moments with family at home on occasions like Easter might just be one of the few times a year that Kiwis plan to host a formal family gathering.      

“It’s clear that food in an important part of Easter activities and it’s a particularly special time of year for our teams across New Zealand who help create memorable moments for Kiwis and their families,” says Chris. 

Key survey highlights 

  • Traditional buns with a flour cross and sultanas still reign supreme with 80% preferring this option compared to more modern flavours using ingredients like chocolate chips or caramel, with the traditional hot cross buns more popular for those aged over 60. 
  • The Easter egg hunt is still a popular part of the holiday, with 21% of Kiwis looking to take part in one. 
  • In terms of how we consume hot cross buns, the evidence is clear; the majority of Kiwis (92%) intend to toast them, slightly less (88%) intend to add butter and most of us (78%) will head to our local supermarket to pick up a pack. 
  • Close to a third of us will opt for a hollow chocolate egg (31%) this Easter, with marshmallow chocolate coated the next favourite at 27%. Caramel and solid chocolate eggs being the next preferred at 13% and 11% respectively. 
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