Big Cut, Big Snackisfaction

Big Cut, Big Snackisfaction

Nelson-based, Proper Crisps have launched a new range of crisps that deliver a “ridiculously bigger satisfying crunch”.

Using golden potatoes, Big Cut crisps are unpeeled, sliced big and hand-cooked low and slow and then combined with really real foodie flavours to secure the bag – a glorious and blistery golden crisp.

Doing things differently, Proper Crisps have called them Big Cut, because well, they are cut bigger, or thicker as most chip eaters would understand.

Head Cultivator, Duncan Kerr, said, “Big Cut is a unique texture compared to other chips. We cook each batch of Big Cut for nearly twice as long, low and slow, to give the crisp bigger crunch with a hint of a fluffy middle, like a thrice-cooked restaurant chip. For us, every bite matters and gives eaters the most satisfying crunch, no greasy fingers, a 4 Health Star rating and a slice of luxury when we all have to be that little bit more mindful.”

Big Cut comes in four flavours – Marlborough Sea Salt, Purple & Gold Cracked Pepper, Dill Pickle & Cider Vinegar and Smoked Paprika in shared bags and single serve bags.

The new range is available now from all supermarkets and speciality food stores in New Zealand and from mid-April in Australia (made at the Yarra factory). The range is line priced with the Proper Potato, Tortilla and Veggie lines (RRP $5.00). Proper is a member of Soft Plastics and all the Big Cut bags can be re-used via

Flavour Profiles:

Marlborough Sea Salt

Our thickly cut golden potatoes are dusted in finely ground Marlborough Sea Salt, harvested from Lake Grasmere, coating each crisp like sea spray for a BIGGER flavour

Purple & Gold Cracked Pepper & Sea Salt

Our thickly cut golden and purple potatoes are dusted with a proper touch of Marlborough Sea Salt and a colourful blend of freshly cracked (in our Proper Seasoning room) rainbow peppercorns for a BIG peppery flavour.

Dill Pickle & Apple Cider Vinegar

Another straight from our own seasoning room. Our thickly cut golden potatoes are dusted with zingy Cider Vinegar for a lip-puckering tang, a hint of Dill and subtle pickling herbs. We think they are a dill-iciously BIG flavour.

Smoked Paprika

Our thickly cut golden potatoes are dusted with a sweet smoked Paprika, grown on the hills of Spain and smoked with oak wood for a truly unique tapas-inspired BIG flavour.

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