Global kitchen has landed

Global kitchen has landed

sunrice_2Taking culinary inspiration from around the globe, SunRice newest ready to eat cuisine will take you on a delicious food journey in just 90 seconds. Free from artificial flavours, colours and preservatives, the SunRice Global Kitchen range is packed full of authentic flavours and ingredients you can see.

Transport yourself to the Middle East as you taste the pumpkin, capsicum and aromatic spices of SunRice Global Kitchen Middle Eastern Style Rice, steam cooked to perfection. For a delicious and quick meal, serve as a side accompaniment to barbequed lamb cutlets, garnished with coriander and hummus or enjoy as a quick and tasty meal all on its own.

SunRice Global Kitchen is the first premium steamed microwave rice range to launch in New Zealand and comes in three delicious flavours.  The Indian and Middle Eastern Style variants are available in both 250g Foil Fresh Pouches and the popular, convenient Quick Cup snack size application giving you an on the go flavour sensation in just 40 seconds. Global Kitchen Thai Exotic Style is available in the Foil Fresh pouch. Easy to prepare, even easier to eat and because it’s SunRice, you know the quality is world class.

sunrice_beef_&_black_bean_3d_01SunRice Global Kitchen Indian Style with Spiced Rice and Chickpeas; SunRice Middle Eastern Style Rice with Pumpkin and Aromatic Spices; and SunRice Thai Exotic Red Rice with Chilli Lemongrass and Basil are all available in a Foil Fresh Pouch 250g and Quick Cup (RRP $3.69).

Flavours of Mexico and China in 90 Seconds

SunRice Ready To Eat meals offer the goodness of fresh ingredients, pure New Zealand beef and authentic flavours in just 90 seconds. The SunRice Ready to Eat range has offered nutritious meals on the go in New Zealand since 2012 and is now available in delicious Mexican Chilli Con Carne and Chinese Beef & Black Bean.

Made with fresh vegetables, pure New Zealand beef and aromatic spices, Chilli Con Carne and Beef & Black Bean both contain no preservatives and no artificial colours or flavours, sealed in a foil fresh pouch. Served with high quality rice in a convenient microwavable tray, this complete meal is available in the rice section of your supermarket.

SunRice Ready to Eat Mexican Chilli Con Carne and SunRice Ready to Eat Chinese Beef & Black Bean are available now (RRP $5.99).

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