On the twentieth anniversary of launching the industry’s first B2B online platform, Foodstuffs is driving further innovation to New Zealand’s supply chain management with the release of a streamlined new eCommerce platform.

Foodstuffs eXchange not only replaces the existing eXchange platform, launched back in 2002, but integrates the separate Data eXpress and SRM (supplier relationship management) sites. This means everything from purchasing, invoicing and delivery forecast notifications, through to advance shipment notices and supplier communication, can now be managed at one location.

Foodstuffs has developed the integrated new system from scratch using the powerful Crossfire EDI engine and AWS cloud-based platform. Foodstuffs’ project lead, Ana Connor, says that with one login all suppliers will now be able to manage their business transactions, product information and relationship contacts with both the North Island and South Island businesses. Historically they have had to visit three separate systems.

“We process about 1.2 million transactions every month and receive product data from about 400 suppliers from the GS1 national product catalogue. The eXchange system will focus on integrating these data feeds and reducing supplier administration when adding a new product or modifying their range, for example,” says Connor.

“Good information allows us, as an industry, to accurately identify products as they move through the supply chain and enable efficiencies across the whole business. When we use barcode numbers correctly, we can speak the same language as our suppliers and increase business value. Transacting electronically also amps up efficiency by removing data entry tasks that introduce errors and take valuable time away from building effective relationships.”

Importantly, Connor says that the new eXchange also provides a platform for further integration and added features in the future.

“This will allow us to be nimbler and more responsive to technological advancements, ensuring we remain well-placed to deliver the best trading experience with Foodstuffs.”


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