East Imperial Ginger Beer plans to warm up winter cocktails

East Imperial Ginger Beer plans to warm up winter cocktails

Premium beverage maker East Imperial is looking to shake up the way Kiwis drink cocktails this winter with a pure and traditional mixer – the spicy and all-natural Ginger Beer.

rsz_nln_enewsletter_-_12_august_2014_-_ginger_beer_-_photoInspired by stories of the original Mombosa Ginger Beer Plant, this beverage is naturally brewed using a blend of gingers from East Africa and Asia, with hints of spice and refreshing notes of lemon.

East Imperial Ginger Beer looks to make a range of tonic waters and mixers steeped in tradition, rich history and utmost quality that showcase the flavours and craftsmanship of quality spirits.  The company uses all natural and sustainably sourced ingredients.  Produced in New Zealand, East Imperial is currently sold in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, California, Britain, Australia and New Zealand.

The range aims to complement and enhance premium spirits, and set the foundation for a great drink.  There are many ways East Imperial Ginger Beer can help warm a chilly winters’ day but the makers have helpfully provided a recipe for the classic Moscow Mule.  Here it is:

Moscow Mule
East Imperial
Ginger Beer
30ml vodka1 lime wedge
Squeeze of lime

Pour vodka into a tall glass or copper mug.  Fill glass with ice and add squeeze of lime and lime wedge.  Top with East Imperial Ginger Beer and stir.  A simple classic.

For more information and recipe ideas see – www.eastimperial.com

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