DB’s new sustainability report released

DB’s new sustainability report released

DB Breweries Managing Director, Andy Routley

Protecting water resources, sourcing sustainably and reducing greenhouse gas emissions are important to DB Breweries and among the highlights in their latest sustainability report:


Energy is used in the brewing process, lighting, heating and cooling facilities, product refrigeration and transport. While almost 80% of the electricity generated in New Zealand is from hydro and renewable sources, electricity does not account for all of our energy consumption. Energy is also a business cost and conservation efforts improve DB’s operating bottom line.

The Shout-DB 900w_0005_Vector-Smart-ObjectDB Breweries Managing Director, Andy Routley says: “The impacts of climate change, associated with increasing greenhouse gas emissions, are a concern to our business and to all of HEINEKEN ’s operations globally as we depend on reliable access to water as well as agricultural commodities. More than 90% of our spend on suppliers is based in New Zealand and we will be monitoring likely local impacts, such as drought and water security, on the availability and costs of raw materials with our contractors and suppliers.”

He adds: “We would love your feedback; whether that comes directly to me, through your DB business partner or via email to sustainability@db.co.nz – we would like to hear what you think. We recognise that we don’t have all the answers, so welcome opportunities to work together with our stakeholders in the area of sustainability.

“Thank you for taking the time to read our sustainability report, we truly hope you enjoy it and learn something about what makes DB a special organisation committed to social, environmental and economic responsibility.

“Here’s to Brewing a Better World together!”

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