Countdown construction under way

Countdown construction under way

rsz_fmcgb-news-countdown_construction-the_williamson_-_cider_buildingWork has begun on a new Countdown supermarket, on the former DYC Vinegar site in Ponsonby, spanning Crummer Road, Pollen Street and Williamson Avenue in Auckland. The new development will also include specialty retail shops and office spaces across three levels.

Preparatory works are underway for the Cider Building, which will house the Countdown supermarket on the Williamson Avenue/Pollen Street side. Adrian Walker, Progressive Enterprises General Manager for Property, says work has been ongoing on the site since last December, but the recent appointment of Ebert Construction to begin work on the Cider Building is a significant milestone in the $95m project. The Cider Building is central to the development and will be home to 14,000 square metres of supermarket, specialty retail and office space.

Walker explains: “The building will consist of three levels of office space above the Countdown supermarket, which will also include 10 retail outlets fronting Williamson Avenue and Pollen Street. There will be five levels of car parking below the Cider Building, including 220 dedicated car parks for Countdown shoppers,” he adds.

Construction is expected to continue on site until the estimated completion date in the second quarter of 2016.

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