CH’I launches zesty new refreshers

CH’I launches zesty new refreshers

Ch'i LG & L Glass clear cut_opt_optJust in time for summer, New Zealand’s very own CH’I is launching two uplifting new herbal refreshers, CH’I Herbal Lemon and CH’I Lemon Grass and Lime – sure to rejuvenate during the busiest of seasons!

Crafted with love by the passionate team behind the brand, these zesty new refreshers are herbal ideas inspired by the iconic original CH’I we fondly know as ‘the drink that knows its own name.’

CH’I Herbal Lemon

The original handcrafted extract from an ancient herbal blend with the full flavour of squeezed lemon juice, with cane sugar in sparking mineral water.

CH’I Lemon Grass and Lime

Fragrant and uplifting handcrafted extract from lemongrass with lime and cane sugar in sparkling mineral water.

The original CH’I herb blend was inspired by Chinese medicinal thought, and modelled on blends once believed to boost your “ch’i” (sometimes spelled Qi) and balance the energies of your body. Developed for CH’I by a traditional herbalist, the original blend includes Fo-ti, Ginseng, Aloe, Gotu Kola, and Ginger.

CH’I continues to be inspired by its namesake’s idea of a flow of positive energy. Taking time out for yourself this silly season with an ice-cold CH’I is a sure-fire way to rejuvenate and restore your inner energy.


CH’I are excited to launch this refreshing new range, along with Original and Sugar Free CH’I in a 330ml green glass bottle. Being glass, this bottle is 100% recyclable, and the green colour chosen contains at least 75% of recycled glass.


Over the past three years, CH’I has reduced overall sugar use across their range by half. The sugar in the CH’I Original Herb Blend has been gradually reducing, Stevia-sweetened CH’I Sugar Free was launched in 2011, and this summer’s two new blends have less than half the sugar of a soft drink. This rate of sugar and calorie reduction is significantly ahead of the major drinks producers and has been made possible with research and innovations using the natural sweetener Stevia.


CH’I has proudly handcrafted their closely guarded blend of the rejuvenating herbs and extracts that make the CH’I range so unique for over 25 years. Beginning with raw herbs, produced by passionate growers from around the world, the CH’I team blend and balance the herbs in preparation for their extraction processes. Then starting with a man, a vat and a paddle, they carefully prepare the herbal extracts that will become the heart and soul of each CH’I drink. With time the extracts are perfected and ready to be blended with mineral water from CH’I’s own artesian water source and then bottled ready to drink.

ON SALE: From December 2014

STOCKIST DETAILS: The range of single serve glass bottles is available from quality food & beverage retailers, bars and cafés. 1 litre take home bottles are available from supermarkets across New Zealand. For more information, please visit or

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