The lightweight trolleys are a hybrid of recycled plastic that is attached to a steel frame, using half the amount of steel as a standard trolley.

For customers shopping at New World New Lynn, it may be hard to imagine the very shopping trolley they’re pushing was once an item sitting inside the cart, but that’s the case for the store’s brand-new fleet which started life as humble milk bottles.

Available in two sizes, the baskets of the sleek new trolleys at New World New Lynn are made from 100% recycled plastic. Each small cart was made using 74 recycled milk bottles and 152 bottles form the large trolleys. With a fleet of 300 new trolleys, that’s an amazing 30,000 former milk bottles living their best new life and help New World work towards its ambitious sustainability goals.

The lightweight trolleys are a hybrid of recycled plastic that is attached to a steel frame, using half the amount of steel as a standard trolley – helping ensure both lighter and easier steering for customers but also lighter freight emissions. 

New World New Lynn Store Owner David Cullen says it’s a great example of New World’s commitment to find innovative and sustainable solutions that work for both its customers and the planet.

“From supply chains to the experience our shoppers have in store, we’re always looking at ways to reduce our impact.

“Sustainability is a journey that influences every decision we make as a business – and it’s great to think these cool little trolleys, don’t just look great and steer brilliantly, they are also thousands of milk bottles that started life in a supermarket fridge and could have so easily ended up in landfill. 

“We’re getting rave reviews about the trolleys from customers saying they love the concept behind them and how easy they are to manoeuvre. I think our trolley teams are also enjoying how lightweight they are.”

The recycled milk bottle trolleys were first introduced to New World customers at New World Albany and have made their way south to spread sustainable shopping to more New World customers.

Mike Sammons, Head of Sustainability, Foodstuffs New Zealand says it’s exciting to see more sustainability initiatives being taken up across stores. “We’re always looking for creative ways to incorporate more sustainable practices across all aspects of our business and its especially great when our customers can experience it first-hand.”

Supercart, the Australian manufacturers, say the new hybrid trolleys have half the carbon footprint associated with their production and are 30% lighter.

“By shortening our supply line and sourcing from our neighbours in Australia, we are also able to reduce all the costs associated with transport in terms of carbon, dollars and time,” says Sammons.

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