Raglan Four Square has made the switch to solar power in efforts to become one of the most sustainable businesses in its beachside community.

Four Square Raglan store owners Satnam and Harshi Bains started investigating ways they could make their store more energy efficient, with the most achievable and sustainable option being solar panels.

“Raglan is known for its beautiful surf, friendly locals and sustainability efforts,” said the Bains. “Everyone in the community is committed to doing their bit to live more sustainably, and we have a responsibility to do the same as not only locals who live here, but as a business serving the community as well.”

“We’ve completely refurbished the store over the last couple of years,” said the Bains. “It’s been a huge investment, and we appreciate the patience the community has had with us over this long period. Adding the 108-strong solar panel farm was the last big initiative to cap off our years-long refurbishment.”

“We pride ourselves on the sustainability actions we’ve taken in the past that have all culminated under one, now solar, roof. From eliminating single-use plastic bags back in 2017, to using compostable bags and cardboard offerings at the checkouts, sustainability lies at the heart of what we do.”

With the major renovations now complete, the Bains aren’t resting on their laurels and have set their sights on their next sustainability initiative – LED lighting – which they’ll roll out later this year.

Four Squares are locally owned and operated and have served their communities for more than 95 years.

“Because we are by local, for local, we can make decisions that positively impact our local community and our local suppliers. Our solar panel farm being one example, but also from a supplier perspective. We are the exclusive retailers of Dreamview Creamery Milk. Dreamview Creamery Milk uses glass bottles, which are then returned, swapped and reused by customers. Customers love this sustainable option to get their fresh from the farm milk from a local company.”

The store’s sustainability initiatives are a credit to the Bains unwavering commitment to sustainability and their community.

“We will continue to find ways to extend and implement sustainability efforts throughout the store,” said the Bains. “We’re excited about what we can do next to positively impact the Raglan community and do right by the planet!”


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