Bricks and mortar stores fight back

Bricks and mortar stores fight back

A new marketing campaign using 3D floor graphics and vinyl wraps is creating excitement in Drakes supermarkets in Queensland, Australia. The innovative ‘Where do you get it’ campaign launched in Caboolture and Wynnum SUPA IGAs recently, with strong price promotions, a super-sized catalogue, and an abundance of in-store theatre created by the graphics.

FMCGB-Good business-News-Bricks and mortar stores fight back2The campaign was introduced to offer a real point of difference – not just against the major competitor stores, but online retailers. “Bricks and mortar stores have got to fight against online with what they’re doing,” said a spokesperson. “I think if we don’t have a bit of theatre in our stores, sooner or later, we’ll lose out. We need to always have our stores looking different and refreshed with something new.”

The 3D floor graphics and vinyl wraps include cute characters quoting the campaign catchphrase ‘Where do you get it?’, along with a beach scene, an arctic scene, and an escalator scene that appears to descend into a fantasy world.

A competition as part of the campaign encourages customers to take a photo of themselves with one of the scenes or characters for the chance to win a $100 voucher.

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