Booze and chips dominate the average British grocery shop

Booze and chips dominate the average British grocery shop

rsz_image_-_top_ten_itemsGlobal market and shopper intelligence firm IRI has compiled a list of the top items sold in British grocery stores, convenience stores, independent grocers, newsagents and tobacconists over the last 12 months.

One litre bottles of Smirnoff Vodka took the number one spot, followed closely by Walkers Crisps (six-pack), then 700ml bottles of Smirnoff Vodka in third.

Overall, vodka was in the first and third spots, while chips took second and fourth places. Coca Cola Original (500ml) rounded out the top five. Famous Grouse Whisky, Jack Daniels, Bell’s Whisky and Gordon’s Gin all were in the top 20, alongside several brands of white bread, Cathedral City Mature Full-fat Cheddar and Lurpak Spreadable Butter.

Here is the Top Ten List:

1 Smirnoff 38% 1000ml Vodka Spirits £191.4m
2 Walkers Crisps 6ct 150gr Crisps £179.1m
3 Smirnoff 38% 700ml Vodka Spirits £165.2m
4 Pringles 1ct 190gr Snacks £161.0m
5 Coca Cola Standard 500ml 1ct £138.2m
6 Kingsmill White Standard 800gr £135.1m
7 Walkers Crisps 1ct 32.5gr Crisps £134.9m
8 Warburtons White Standard 800gr (Toastie) £133.3m
9 The Famous Grouse 40% 1000ml Whisky £130.4m
10 Hovis White Standard 800gr £120.0m

New Zealand Liquor News Head of Content Neil Miller says “now, before you laugh too much at these results, replace vodka with bourbon and crisps with potato chips. If our local grocery stores sold spirits, would the New Zealand results really be that different?”

Source: IRI (

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