Bluebird Foods General Manager, Kurt Preshaw
Bluebird Foods General Manager, Kurt Preshaw

New Zealand snacks company Bluebird Foods has announced a switch to healthier oils, including sunflower and canola, across its Thinly Cut Chips and Delisio ranges. As a result of this change, Bluebird Thinly Cut and Delisio ranges now contain 75% less saturated fat*, forming part of an ongoing commitment by Bluebird, to offer healthier snack options.

Bluebird Foods General Manager, Kurt Preshaw said: “Bluebird has been New Zealand’s most loved chip brand for more than 60 years and Bluebird Thinly Cut Potato Chips are currently in the pantry of half a million New Zealand households**.”

An 18g serve of Bluebird Thinly Cut Ready Salted chips cooked in healthier oils now contains 0.6g of saturated fat (compared to 2.9g in chips cooked in 100% palmolein oil). As part of Bluebird’s commitment to improving the nutritional profile of its products, sodium has also been reduced across Bluebird’s snack range, without compromising on taste. Progress in this area aligns with the Heart Foundation’s HeartSAFE sodium targets.^

Bluebird Thinly Cut will be available in a new range of pack sizes including multipacks containing 18g packs, along with 35g and 140g packs. Bluebird Chips continue to be manufactured in New Zealand from locally grown potatoes.

*Compared to chips cooked in 100% palmolein oil

**Sources: InfoShare Statistics New Zealand, Q4, 2013; Nielsen Homescan data MAT TO 01 Dec 2013

^Heart Foundation HeartSAFE (Sodium Advisory & Food Evaluation), Sodium Targets, Dec 2014,

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