Auckland Police propose six-year ban on new bars and bottle stores

Auckland Police propose six-year ban on new bars and bottle stores

The police are proposing a six-year ban on any new bars and bottle stores in central Auckland and other regional hot-spots. rsz_p1030761As a minimum, police want a freeze on the number of liquor licences in some areas.  But they would rather have a sinking lid policy, under which no new licences are given even if other bars or shops close down.

Police submit the entire CBD should be a priority overlay area where there should be a freeze on the number of both on and off licences for six years in order to reduce the high stress areas that exist now, and to prevent further high stress areas from being created just down the road through displacement.

The Police also say the Auckland Council plans are wrong to focus on “rewarding best practice operators” by giving them trial extensions, arguing that even they contribute to harm, increase levels of intoxication and attract crime.

Hospitality New Zealand spokesman Russell Gray described the police proposals as disappointing and draconian.  He said police should be focusing their efforts on the very few trouble-makers.

The Police submission argued for:

  • Bars in the central city should close at 3am with no extensions given
  • Bars in other areas should close at 1am with no extensions given
  • A one-way door policy in the central city from 1am
  • Priority overlay areas to also include Parnell, Newmarket, Kingsland, Takapuna, New Lynn, Orewa, Helensville and the entire Auckland CBD
  • A six-year freeze for new on licences and off licences in all of the CBD and priority overlay areas.

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